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Introduction to Wshuttle Infotech
Wshuttle Infotech Ltd. is a software development company with primary focus on utilizing advanced techniques and employing user friendly design disciplines?to create internet utilities and applications. Since inception, we have successfully delivered a series of software development projects for global customers by practising agile project management methodology. At the same time, we have developed our cutting-edge remote control tools which have passed our internal tests successfully.

Our company is located in Guangzhou City, in the South of China, which is famous for delicious Chinese food, and its wet and hot weather. Guangzhou is also famous as Delicious Food city ?or Flower City amongst visitors who come here from across the world.

Our Team
We have built a young, smart, and aggressive software development and web design team. The team members are selected according to their qualifications and by their interest on research/development. They tend to solve problems in an innovative and creative way.

For Our Customer
We are dedicated towards constantly providing valuable service to our customer and building win-win relationships with our valuable customer.

WShuttle ValuesIntegrity
We do what we say, and we say what we do. We honour our commitments and act according to our stated values.

We strive to increase our bench strength by attracting and promoting the very best men and women. We measure employee performance with honesty, provide coaching where needed, and create ample opportunities for people to show their potential.

Creativity and innovation is our way to live and grow, we are always searching for better ways to lower the costs for our deliverables and to transfer more value to our customers with all aspects of our work.

We always wish to create and maintain win-win relationships between company and employees and between company and customers.