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VICIDIAL CallCenter for a B2C Company


VICIDIAL project news!  Jan.2009, we are invited to implement a customized call center with VICIDIAL for a local big clothes e-commerce company. It’ll be finished within one month. VICIDIAL will be integrated closely with their CRM & e-commerce system, and fully beautify the UI and reporting system of VICIDIAL.



2.1.8 Version of LookMyPC


Upgade news! Now LookMyPC has been upgraded to 2.1.8 version,  besides bug fixings, one important feature has been added, it now support one to many connections, one can initial multiple remote connections to remote sites, or accept multiple incoming connections from remote parties. So one supporter can work on multiple remote computers the same time, or demonstrate on his desktop for multiple remote peers the same time.




VICIDIAL CallCenter Go Live Successfully


VICIDIAL project news!  The vicidial/asterisk system we installed and customized for a GZ marketing company has gone live since Nov.2008, it perform automatic radio/predictive dial out to HK residential. The system has clear voice, and run smoothly. The customization includes recording  archiving/retrieving, survey form, survey reports, call reports, improved customer call center workflow to another levelThe average call volumn per seat per day increase to about 1000 calls , just in one month, average successful sales doubled.



Large Scale VOIP Calling Card and Billing System Develop

We are selected as the  development service provider for a large scale VOIP calling card  and billing system by a Carrier level  England VOIP company. Compared with old calling card system, there will many new features added , including customized IVR, caller id selection, caller id unblocking, recording, call plan management, online auto topup, it mainly target at subscribers like debit  collectors, detectives .The system will go into live in Feb.2009.


Public Addressing System Delivered Successfully

From Sep.2008, we are invited to participate in the development work of a Public Addressing system for a Ireland IT Company, and finished successfully delivering of multiple project milestones, which is installed and will be installed at many cities of Japan,  we will continue providing development services for them. The front-end of the system are fully touch-screen supported, WEB GUI based,  very friendly and easily deployed, the backend based on Linux system,  manage and monitoring broadcasting channels, driving sound cards, play or talk out sounds to individual speaker, groups of speakers.  The first installation has gone into live at Yoshino City Hall of Japan, providing broadcasting service for 40,000 local residential. It’s the most important component of local earthquake contingency respone platform. It will be deployed across all over Japan  country. We still are selected as the main development service provider.

Released v1.0 of the CDMA Dialup Management

Released v1.0 of the CDMA Dialup Management. Users can –
- remotely activate the automatic dialup feature
- shutdown the dialup link by calling or sending a short SMS to the phone number of the SIM card embedded in      the CDMA modem.
This version improves user convenience allows them to easily maintain the CDMA link. This helps save dialup subscription costs.

Version 0.6 of

Version 0.6 of, the remote control website, has been launched. Remote connections are 85% successful with our P2P solutions. We offer –
- better bridged connections
- improved communications
- faster on-screen updates
- better performance in comparison to a TCP / IP connection. In fact, at our CDMA tests, we noticed a vast 60%
     improvement in the connection speeds.