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Do you remotely help your friends or customers with software problems? Do you train your customers or friends to use new software?

If yes, then the personal edition of Wshuttle remote control will let you control your friends' or customers' desktop remotely and securely. You can also share your desktop with your customers or friends. No need to worry about firewalls, gateways, etc. Get instant and secure remote access now!

And it’s so simple! Register at our remote control site: - It’s that easy! Go ahead and troubleshoot, solve problems with your expertise. Don’t worry another second about the distance again. Your friends or customers will feel like you are sitting right next to them using their desktop

Register NOW for free trial account. Get 60 minutes free connection or one week of remote access, whatever expires first. See the benefits of the Wshuttle Remote Control personal edition –
- remote control your friends' or customers' desktop
- solve system and software problems remotely
- train them to use new software
- share your desktop
- demonstrate how to use your systems and software
- train or teach
- upload or download files
- text chat
- share your window’s clipboard
- copy and paste data
- all with multiple level encryption and authentication control for secure access
- better communication speeds and shorter latency in comparison to our competitors. Forwarding is not required by our intermediate server so the P2P mode is used for 85% of our remote access scenarios.