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Company Announcement


FlexQueue 2.1 Call Center released. The system architecture is very steady, robust, realtime, scalable, and low resources consumption, great improvement compared with other VoIP callcenter products.


Mandarin sounds files in GSM/Ulaw/Wav  fully recorded and released for Asterisk, and adopted by Yahoo for internal use.


Vicidial fully translated into Chinese version, and Chinese Agent/manager manual  rewrited , some functios are also customized according to local customer's request.


Provided self-hosted LookMyPC server & client & ActiveX control & documents to a large China software company, who integrate lookmypc into their software products & their messenger product, so to have remote servicability for their product , and make messenger product have the silent remote employee monitoring capabilities.


Recently upon the requests from online trainning customers, we release Beta version of LookMyPC Broadcast , which broadcast any internal PC screen over internet and it is less than 1 second for the screen updates to be transfered from teacher/presenter screen to the student/audience screen.


A GZ based Hongkong citizen survey call center company selected us to upgrade their 70 seats manual dialing system to full functional predictive/progressive automatically dialing call center, so to improve their productivity. Now, the installation & testing for the first phase has been successfully finished, the system will automatically dial customers and distribute the live calls to the available agents.

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